Geologisk park/Geological park

Geological park with stones from all municipalities in Sogn og Fjordane county, and all the Norwegian «county-rocks».

The geological park present all the designated «municipal rocks» in the county of Sogn og Fjordane:

  • Flagstone (a metamorphic rock) – Luster
  • «Sogn granite» (an igneous/magmatic rock) – Årdal
  • Meta-anorthosite (a metamorphic rock) – Sogndal
  • Banded gneiss (a metamorphic rock) – Lærdal
  • «Linde granite» (a metamorphic rock) – Balestrand
  • Anorthosite (an igneous rock) – AurlandIMG_3841
  • «Granite» (a metamorphic rock) – Høyanger
  • Migmatite (a metamorphic rock) – Leikanger
  • Garnet mica schist (a metamorphic rock) – Hyllestad
  • Migmatite (a metamorphic rock) – Vik
  • Conglomerate (a sedimentary rock) – Solund
  • Gneiss (a metamorphic rock) – Gulen
  • Greenschist breccia «Black Beauty» (a sedimentary rock) – Askvoll
  • Augen gneiss (a metamorphic rock) – Flora
  • Eclogite (a metamorphic rock) – Fjaler
  • Eclogite (a metamorphic rock) – Naustdal
  • «Sande granite» (a metamorphic rock) – Gaular
  • «Førde granite» (a metamorphic rock) – FørdeG
  • «Granite» (a metamorphic rock) – Jølster
  • Augen gneiss (a metamorphic rock) – Stryn
  • «Porphyritic granite» (a metamorphic rock) – Hornindal
  • Porphyritic syenite (a metamorphic rock) – Selje
  • Dunite (olivinite) (an igneous rock) – Eid
  • Sandstone (a sedementary rock) – Bremanger
  • Quartz schist (a metamorphic rock) – Gloppen
  • Eclogite (a metamorphic rock) – Vågsøy

Rocks are divided into 3 principal types: Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.

Rocks of Norway
Each of the Norwegian counties have chosen a particular rock to represent them. Some counties have chosen very rare and special rocks, only to be found there. In other cases the choice may have been a typical rock found throughout the county, and often also found elsewhere. At Jostedalsbreen national park centre we have an exhibition of all the Norwegian «county-rocks».

Did you know?
Thulite is known as «the Norwegian national gemstone». It was first found in Norway («ultima Thule»), but has also been recorded in Austria, USA and Australia.
The national stone of Norway is however larvikite, unique to the country.
Eclogite is the densest rock type on Earth, 1 liter contains 3,3 kg.

Jewelry and booklets
You will find jewelry from thulite, larvikite and eclogite and information booklets in the shop at Jostedalsbreen national park center.



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